Infrared oven height-adjustable material cart

All benefits at a glance

All benefits at a glance

  • Opto-electronic IR measuring head for measuring the material surface temperature
  • 12 State-of-the-art infrared quartz tubes with single reflectors ensure an even heating
  • Work frame with removable Teflon-coated support plate for switching between sheet material and material in the vacuum forming frame
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • PID controller, temperature continuously adjustable from 30 °C to 250 °C
  • Mobile with 4 castors with brakes and with continuous height adjustment via gas pressure

Infrared Heating

Higher productivity with infrared ovens

Infrared ovens are the first choice when plastics need to be heated in the orthopaedic workshop.

The way they work makes the difference: In conventional convection ovens an object is heated by absorbing ambient heat in a closed compartment. In contrast, the heat in an infrared oven is generated in the form of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the material directly. This has many advantages: Higher speed, greater productivity and a significantly greater energy efficiency are the result.

Heat more quickly – consume less energy

An Ottobock infrared oven heats plastics in a very short time. A 4 mm thick polypropylene sheet can be heated in just 4 to 6 minutes. Infrared ovens do not need to be pre-heated – the radiant heat is fully available in an instant. This significantly reduces energy consumption in the orthopaedic workshop.

Technical data

Technical data

Article Number 701E43
Equipment Mobile material cart with four locking casters and continuous height adjustment with gas compression spring, working height lowest position 820 mm, working height highest position 1,050 mm, opto-electronic IR measuring head for measuring the material surface temperature, PID controller, temperature continuously variable from 30°C to 250°C, PLC controller with 3.5" touch panel, display of nominal and actual value, timer and ramp function, multilingual user interface, graphical gradient display, vertical sliding door, double-glazed viewing window, interior lighting 2 x 25W
Electrical connection in V/Hz/kW 3x 400/ 50-60/ 7,7
Infrared radiator 12x infrared quartz tubes with individual reflectors top
Material Steel
Outer dimensions WxDxH 1.320 x 970 x 1.420 mm
Interior dimensions WxDxH 1.000 x 800 x 500 mm
Interior volume 400 l
Weight 230 l


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Infrared ovens for the orthopaedic workshop

  • 701E40=S Infrared oven with rotatable material cart
  • 701E41=WS Infrared oven with removable support plate
  • 701E43 Infrared oven with height-adjustable material cart
  • 701E44=S Infrared oven for small plastic sizes
  • Vacuum forming accessories
  • 755T6=1 und 755T6=2 vacuum forming workstation with integrated vacuum pump
  • 755T1=2, 755T1=3, 755T1=4 vacuum forming workstation with integrated tank
  • Accessories for vacuum forming workstations
  • Vacuum forming materials


758R16=1425 Rack for infrared oven

For space-saving storage of sheet materials and vacuum forming accessories in the open space above the infrared oven.

758R17=2265 Rack for infrared oven

Offers storage shelves to the side and above the infrared oven for space-saving storage of sheet materials and accessories for vacuum forming work.

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