Using chemicals safely

Your concern

The first and most important step in the safe use of chemicals is being aware of their identity, the associated risks to health and the environment and the means to control these risks. This inherently complex knowledge must be organised so that essential information on hazards and the corresponding protective measures can be identified and communicated to the user in a readily comprehensible manner.

The Ottobock solution

As a global player, we are committed to safeguarding and protecting the health of people and the environment in which we work. Working together with us, you make safety, environmental protection and health integral aspects of the production, sale and use of our products. Hazardous Ottobock substances are accompanied by safety data sheets (SDS). These safety data sheets contain information such as physical data, health risks, first aid measures, storage, disposal, protective equipment, etc. Ottobock can provide you with safety data sheets in your language and country-specific version for all hazardous materials.

Advantages for you

We offer you absolute reliability, safety and guaranteed availability. Safety data sheets provided in electronic form comply with the right-to-know provisions for immediate access to risk information around the clock. Use the safety data sheets database on the Ottobock website,which we regularly update for you. You receive all information from a single source.