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Orthopaedic technology

The right workshop equipment and a comprehensive, customised range of materials is indispensable for everyone who wants to fabricate orthopaedic products that meet users’ requirements. Ottobock Planning & Equipping, Materials provides everything you need to fabricate high-quality devices.

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Product categories

Occupational health and safety

For safe work in the orthopedic workshop


Lamination resins

Ottobock lamination resins were developed especially for the lamination technique and, in combination with our proven reinforcement materials, facilitate treatments of the highest quality in prosthetics and orthotics.



The goal of the OrthoLean concept is to enable optimally coordinated working processes that minimise waste.


Hygiene in an orthopaedics business

Compliance with hygiene procedures is especially important in the healthcare sector. People come together in this environment every day, and direct contact is unavoidable.