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In addition to your consulting skills and know-how, the right tools play a crucial role in providing the best possible fittings for your customers. We provide you with suitable solutions that allow you to work precisely, easily and efficiently. Our expertise in the area of workflow management, machine construction and dust and vapor extraction technologies makes us the perfect partner for designing, constructing and setting up your workshop.

3D L.A.S.A.R Posture

The 3D L.A.S.A.R. Posture supports technicians in providing optimal prosthetic and orthotic alignments as well as in checking body posture.


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Gardeslen Orthopaedie, Goes [Netherlands]


Belt sander

The belt sander combines precision, safety and effectiveness for perfect sanding performance.


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The right workshop equipment is indispensable for everyone who wants to fabricate orthopaedic products that meet users’ requirements. Ottobock offers everything that belongs in a top-quality workshop.

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Ottobock’s Planning and Equipping department offers end-to-end solutions for orthopaedic workshops. See our expertise for yourself and get inspiration for your own project.

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