Orthopaedic Footwear Technology

News and Highlights brochures

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News and Highlights No. 11

  • Project example ISEK University
  • Tabaluga thermopaper and socket decor 623P110/ 623S110
  • Vacuum forming device for orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic footwear specialism 755E5
  • Contact adhesive 636N9
  • Pedilen rigid foam 700 617H41
  • TP.C carbon fibre cloth 617R15
  • Ipso Cast 743G15
  • Quick plaster bandage Biplatrix 699G19
  • plaster bandages Cellona® 699G3
  • Drying plaster with compressed air 756G9

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Planning & Equipping

Your partner for the orthopaedic and orthopaedic footwear specialism workshop

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News and Highlights No. 10

  • Project example Winter Paralympics
  • 3D L.A.S.A.R. Posture 743L500
  • Socket router with integrated suction system 701F30=1
  • Project report: Vietnam
  • Lamination workstation 758Z113=2000
  • Lamination workstation 755E600=220
  • PROS.A. Assembly 743A220
  • New product Plaster drying oven 701E31
  • Field report Plaster drying oven

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News and highlights No. 9

  • Project example: Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • Flexam machines with touchscreen controls
  • 701F41 Pro-Fit 3000 socket router
  • 755T1=4 Vacuum forming workstation
  • 758Z116=1250 Lamination workstation
  • Ottobock infrared ovens with sensor
  • Project example: Schuh-Petters
  • 701L21=SB85 Flexam SB85 Executive
  • 701L24=LSB115 Flexam LSB 115 Executive
  • V80 high-capacity extraction systems

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News and Highlights No. 8

  • 758A110=* plaster modelling table, square
  • 704G300 clamping device for tubes
  • 754W20 plaster processing station
  • 743A6 orthotic alignment aid
  • 743R6 orthotic joint alignment fixture
  • Gardeslen Orthopaedie in Goes, Netherlands
  • Infrastructure for dust extraction
  • 701L21=SB105 Flexam SB105 Executive
  • l’École de Reconversion Professionnelle in Metz, France

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News and Highlights No. 7

  • 758Z113=* Lamination workstation for decentralised vacuum system
  • 758Z114=2000 Lamination workstation for central vacuum system
  • 758Z116=* Lamination workstation with integrated tank
  • 760A40 Suction arm
  • 760E12 Top-mount fan
  • 623T3=* Perlon stockinette
  • 10Y4 Elastic band
  • Sanitätshaus Vital, Germany
  • Flexam machines with touchscreen controls
  • Van Dalen Voet&Schoencentrum in Delft, the Netherlands

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News and Highlights No. 6

  • 758Z132=* extraction booth with sliding front
  • 758Z131=1200 extraction booth for mixing lamination resins
  • 617H119=* Orthocryl 80:20 PRO
  • 758F21 Safety cabinet
  • 719S20 Scissors for synthetic fibres
  • 756L9 Ottobock cutter
  • 6Y87 Liner Skeo 3D
  • 758G10=* und 758G30=* parallel bars
  • 758G8=1 und 758G8=LR Test platform with inclined surface
  • OTH Rijndam Orthopedietechniek, Rotterdam
  • 701L51=50 Flexam Compact S50 Sander
  • Böcker Orthopädische Schuhtechnik in Ahaus, Germany

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News and Highlights No. 5

  • 758A61 sizing table with storage
  • 617S203 Pedilin SilverShield padding material– a proven classic for soft sockets
  • 758R25 mobile storage table
  • 758R27 material trolley
  • 758A60 adhesives workstation with material storage
  • 621J2 chrome kid leather
  • Container workshop
  • 758A350=1.5 Adhesives workstation with integrated suction
  • 636N9 contact adhesive
  • 701P46 Oneliner
  • Reumkens Voet & Zorg orthopaedic workshop in Venlo, the Netherlands

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News and Highlights No. 4

  • 701Z150 Plaster dosing unit
  • 699G4=25 Alabaster modelling plaster
  • 756B15 Plaster mixer
  • 701E40=S/ 701E40=WS Infrared oven with rotatable material cart
  • 616T112 ThermoLyn supra flexible EVA
  • 701F41 Pro-Fit 3000 grinding and milling machine
  • 617R15=5 TP.C carbon fibre cloth mats
  • Creteur Orthopédie, Belgium
  • 701L21=SB85 Flexam SB85 Executive
  • DHTA in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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News and Highlights No. 3

  • Flexam
  • Pro-Fit
  • Vacuum V80
  • 755X128 clamp adapter for extraction pipe
  • 701E15 prepreg oven
  • Vacuum V80 High Capacity
  • Heckert & van Lierop Orthopedie Techniek
  • Airflow Classic and Airflow Multi
  • 701L62=115B Flexam Master 115B
  • Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser
  • Orthopédie Toussaint

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News and Highlights No. 2

  • 755T1=* D-series vacuuming forming
  • 755X180=* vacuum forming adapter
  • 755X230=* conical vacuum pipe
  • 704Y40 vice jaws
  • 711Z5=* bandage clamp
  • orthopaedic facility in Amman, Jordan
  • 701L500 orthopaedic high-speed press
  • 701L61=FSB130 Flexam Compact FSB 130 Ortho
  • 701Z80 extraction system V80 Compact All-in-One
  • Heine Verweij Orthopedische Schoentechniek

Product series

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Flexam Machines

All-round machines for orthopaedic footwear technology

  • 701L20=S85 Flexam Executive S
  • 701L21=SB125 Flexam Executive SB
  • 701L25=FSB115 Flexam Executive FSB
  • 701L22=SBW105 Flexam Executive SBW and FSBW
  • 701L70=FSBP185 Flexam Executive FSBP
  • 701L24=LSB115 Flexam Executive LSB and FLSB
  • Flexam Undercover 100
  • Flexam Compact S50
  • Flexam Compact SB75
  • Flexam Compact P110
  • Flexam Compact FSB 130
  • Flexam Compact FSBP 115

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Accessories for Flexam Machines

  • Accessories for the main axle
  • Accessories for the milling department
  • Naumkeag (pumicing department)
  • Polishing tools

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Tool portfolio

Screwdrivers and torque wrenches

Product brochures

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3D L.A.S.A.R Posture

Bringing balance for everyday use

  • 743L500 3D L.A.S.A.R Posture

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Room Disinfection Unit

Effective protection against germs at the push of a button – quick, easy and certifiable

  • 758E1 Room disinfection unit

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Relief floor panels

  • Walking surfaces just like those found in nature – in your medical supply store