In addition to expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials play a key role in the production of modern fittings for people with physical limitations. In the Materials product segment, we consider ourselves a problem-solver and advisor in matters related to the practical application of various supplies and high-tech materials for the fabrication of medical technology products. We continuously develop our materials, first and foremost to meet the needs of users and patients, but also increasingly to comply with constantly changing legal requirements. In addition to mechanical and chemical characteristics, the biological compatibility of materials is especially important. Our top priority is for the quality and safety of our materials.

In order to offer solutions for a wide variety of orthopaedic technology problems, we carry a range of innovative and proven materials that have been selected with great care based on practical fitting experience. The interplay of materials science and processing techniques reveals new insights step by step and therefore guarantees the consistent development and enhancement of orthopaedic technology materials. In addition to our product range, which has been tried and tested over the course of many years, we develop innovative materials and practical solutions in cooperation with engineers and O&P professionals. We effectively encourage this cooperation that provides the opportunity for an exchange of experiences and mutual support. New possibilities are identified and practical processing techniques emerge. As a result, high-quality Ottobock products feature excellent processing characteristics.

Instructions for technicians

Please see here for helpful tips and instructions to achieve the best results when using our materials.


Using chemicals safely

The first and most important step in the safe use of chemicals is being aware of their identity, the associated risks to health and the environment and the means to control these risks.