Resin film

All benefits at a glance

All benefits at a glance

  • Lighter, thinner components with stiffness equal to that of components on acrylic resin basis
  • On epoxy resin basis
  • Clean and easy processing
  • Excellent draping characteristics
  • Resin quantity can be applied precisely
  • Adjustable resin content
  • Cut pieces of resin film can be stored in a conventional freezer
  • Smaller storage volumes in freezer compared to prepreg
  • Saves auxiliary materials (e.g. no additional fixing of reinforcing materials required)
  • Can be combined with Ottobock reinforcement materials and prepregs

Practial recommendation

Pracital recommendation

  • The optimal processing temperature is between 20 °C/68 °F and 23 °C/73 °F.
  • Make sure the processing area is dry and free of dust, talcum and grease.
  • The resin content of the laminate should be at least 50% by weight. For this reason, please pay attention to the weight per unit area of your reinforcement material.
  • We recommend using the 633T18 Cooling spray to make it easier to remove the protective film from the resin film. Spray the edge of the protective film lightly for this purpose.
  • For the first layer, apply spray adhesive to the laminating tool.
  • Cure for 4 h under vacuum in a 130 °C/266 °F oven.



Article number 616B60=2 616B60=5 616B60=10
Packaging format 23 sheets at
300 x 300 mm per sheet
56 sheets at
300 x 300 mm per sheet
112 sheets at
300 x 300 mm
Area 2m² 5m² 10m²
Weight per unit area 340 g/m² 340 g/m² 340 g/m²


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616B60 Resin film

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  • 616B60 Resin film

Information on the areas of application and properties of lamination resins

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