Future orthopaedic footwear specialists use the Day of German Unity for further training at Ottobock Equipment

Ottobock Equipment recently hosted a successful visit from the State Vocational School for the Orthopaedic Footwear Specialism and Bespoke Shoemakers in Lübeck in cooperation with HealthCare Deutschland and footwear manufacturer Durea.

On Wednesday, 3 October 2018, Peter Dekkers, a technical sales representative in the Planning & Equipping department at HealthCare Deutschland and a trained orthopaedic shoemaker himself, welcomed 53 students and four trainers to Ottobock Equipment in Nieuwkuijk, the Netherlands.

The students were divided into groups, and their day started with a tour of the orthopaedic and orthopaedic footwear specialism exhibition rooms, which was led by Dekkers and two of his colleagues. This was followed by a glimpse behind the scenes, as the guides demonstrated the individual fabrication steps that Ottobock’s orthopaedic footwear specialism machines perform in the factory – from the first welding seam to electrical assembly. It was an exciting experience for the students, given that they work at the machines on a day-to-day basis.

Next up was a visit to footwear manufacturer Durea in nearby Drunen. Here the students were able to get an impression of the high attention to detail that goes into producing a handmade shoe.

Back at Ottobock Equipment, the day continued with a presentation focusing on the orthopaedic footwear specialists’ workshop as well as the hidden features of the machines and background details behind its design. The students then returned to the exhibition room with their new knowledge, where they were able to try out the machines themselves.

Dekkers explains: “Visits like these are a win-win situation for us. The students get the chance to take a glimpse behind the scenes and spend an enjoyable, sociable day together while learning something new. Plus, we have the opportunity to present our products and make contacts for the future.”