PROS.A. Assembly

PROS.A. Assembly: Alignment device for modular lower limb prostheses

All benefits at a glance

All benefits at a glance

  • Optimises the fabrication process for transtibial and transfemoral prostheses, reduces the fabrication time
  • Facilitates straightforward application of the Ottobock alignment recommendations
  • The socket, knee joint and foot can be securely fixed in the device
  • The mounting frame allows the integration of three lasers, so extra time does not need to be spent positioning them
  • A height-adjustable footplate allows you to work standing up and makes the alignment of TT prostheses easier
  • Alignment data can be documented and used for follow-up fittings

Technical Data

Technische Daten

Articlenumber 743A220
Dimensions WxDxH 800 x 900 x 2.100 mm
Weight 45 kg
Scope of delivery Adapter inserts for Ottobock knee joints



743A211 Mounting frame with laser

The mounting frame can be used for the 743A220 PROS.A. Assembly and 743A200 PROS.A. Assembly (old version). It creates one frontal plumb line and two sagittal plumb lines.

743Y741 Caster wheels and fixed wheels

The set contains two caster as well as two fixed wheels which can be mounted under the PROS.A. Assembly. Thus, they enable the alignment apparatus to be easily slid to the desired storage space or the place where alignment is being performed.

743Y621=1 Star, large

The centring star with a diameter of 210 mm offers the possibility of optimally aligning even large sockets at any time.


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PROS.A. Assembly

Correct TT and TF prosthetic alignment: For enhanced mobility and optimum fitting quality

  • 743A220 PROS.A. Assembly

Alignment Recommendations for TF Modular Lower Limb Prostheses

Alignment Recommendations for TT Modular Lower Limb Prostheses