Orthopaedic footware technology

The orthopedic footwear technology incorporates a wide variety of materials. In addition to traditional materials like leather and nails, these include plastics, plaster and countless high-tech materials. Ottobock Planning and Equipping offers you the right machines and tailored solutions for your orthopedic footwear technology operation. A wide range of work steps are required to complete an orthopedic shoe. These steps become considerably more efficient when the equipment used in the various departments is well coordinated with each other.

A top workshop with special equipment

l’École de Reconversion Professionnelle, Metz [France]


Flexam Executive FSB 115

The Flexam Executive FSB 115 is a top-quality machine with intelligent details. It offers sufficient space for milling despite its compact design.


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The right workshop equipment is indispensable for everyone who wants to fabricate orthopaedic products that meet users’ requirements. Ottobock offers everything that belongs in a top-quality workshop.

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Ottobock’s Planning and Equipping department offers end-to-end solutions for orthopaedic workshops. See our expertise for yourself and get inspiration for your own project.

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